Business Letters

A business letter is written with the purpose of transacting some business. Therefore, the format, the tone, the language of the letter is different from a personal letter.

Ten Parts of a Business letter:-
  1. Sender’s address:

It is written either on the top of the letter (Sometimes a printed letter head is used) or on the right corner.

  2. Date:

The date of the letter is written on the right, below the sender’s address.

  3. To address:

A short-note of the matter of correspondence is given as an introduction.

  4. Salutation:

The most common forms of salutation are (i) Dear Sir / Madam (ii) Dear Sirs

  5. Subject:

A short-note of the matter of correspondence is given as an introduction.

Reference Numbers: Most of the business letters have reference numbers, especially, when the correspondence had been going on for a longer period and when there is a necessity to file and preserve for future reference.

  6. Body or Message:

This part contains the actual part of the letter. It should be conveyed in a precise, clear and courteous manner.

  1) Begin with an introductory note, introducing yourself and the reason for writing the letter.
  2) The second paragraph should consist of the actual message in a precise and clear manner. It should not be ambiguous.
  3) The closing paragraph should be so effective that the letter is replied immediately.
  4) If the letter runs to more than one page, number the pages.
  7. Subscription:

The common forms are: (i) Yours truly, (ii) Yours faithfully (iii) Yours sincerely.

  8. Signature:

Full signature should be given and below the signature, the name of the sender and his position (designation) should be written.

  9. List of enclosures:

Some business letters require a list of enclosures:

Copies of the letters sent to ...
A catalogue of the product
A list of your branches

  10. Address on the envelope:

To address is written on the envelope.


Example of Business Letter

Write a letter to a book seller, ordering a few books

Jems R
22, Richi Street,
Chennai - 600 001.
The manager, Ajantha Book Centre,
25, New College Road,
Chennai - 600 101.

Dear Sir,
I shall be greateful if you will send me by VPP one copy of each of the following books as early as possible.

1. Essential English Grammar by Philip Gucker
2. English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldin Woods

My address is given above.

Yours faithfully,
Jems R.
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