Letter Writing

Language is described as a means of communicating thoughts. Letter writing is a traditional mode of communication for a long time. A letter not only conveys a message, it also reflects our moods, emotions, likes and dislikes, opinions, criticisms etc. Letter - writing is a creative art also and in these days of Information Technology and various modes of Tele - Communication it is slowly dying.

Yet, this art also gains its value in the commercial world and it is necessary that students know the fundamental conventions. Students should be familiar with the formal norms and fundamental conventions of letter-writing.

Generally, there are three types fo letters:
Informal letterFormal letterFormal letter
Parts of a Personal LetterParts of a Business LetterParts of a Official Letter
Address of the writerSender’ Name & PlaceDate
DateDateFrom Address
SalutationTo AddressTo Address
Body fo the letterSalutationSalutation
SubscriptionSubject and ReferenceSubject and Reference
SignatureBody of the letterbody of the letter
Address on the envelopeSubscriptionSubscription
List of enclosuresAddress of the envelope
Address on the envelope